IMPORTANT RELEASE: With an increased likelihood of substantial burning in the Flint Hills this spring and potential impacts on air quality, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and its contractor, have agreed to begin operational mode of the smoke modeling tool on March 1, 2014. In past years this tool has not been available until mid-March. It is hoped that ranchers and land managers will take advantage of this resource to spread out their burns more effectively and mitigate potential air quality impacts. Please help us spread the word about this operational change.

*NEW SMOKE MODEL  for mobile device


Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management

Home>Link to Smoke ModelWelcome to the Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management Website. This site has been developed to provide one location for land managers conducting prescribed burns in the Flint Hills to obtain information and access tools to assist them in making burn decisions.

The website is the result of the development of the Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan. It provides training, regulations, policies, publications, a modeling tool and other links to guide people looking for information on smoke management.

The development of the Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan is an attempt to balance the need for prescribed fire in the Flint Hills with the need for clean air in downwind communities. The plan does not include any provisions that restrict the burning of grasslands in the Flint Hills.

Instead, the plan takes a voluntary approach toward improving air quality during the burn season. The plan's voluntary approach leaves flexibility in the hands of the land manager but also puts the responsibility on him or her to make wise decisions.

The plan and website are cooperative efforts of countless persons with many perspectives on Flint Hills burning. We encourage land managers to use the site and to provide us feedback on organization, content, ease of use, and ways in which the site can be improved for the next burn season.