Acreage Reporting - Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management
2011 Pilot Programs

Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management Pilot Programs for 2011

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Burn Acreage Reporting Pilot Program

The need to get better documentation, in a timely manner, on the number of acres burned in a season in the Kansas Flint Hills was identified as a significant need to supplement the SMP.

Currently each county has differing levels of reporting procedures and gathering of this information. Some counties do not require any notification at all of a landowner’s intent to burn; others require notifications and gather several pieces of information. Currently the only estimates of how many acres have burned come from satellite imagery.

The goal of the pilot program is to develop a centralized reporting system that would make this information not only more accurate, but also more timely, while protecting landowner and/or prescribed fire practitioner privacy.

The appropriate fire, law enforcement, or emergency management official in nine pilot counties in the Flint Hills were contacted. These officials were asked if they currently asked for Prescribed Fire Practitioners to call in their intent to burn and to call back when they are done with the burn.

Those that did not currently ask for practitioners to call back when they were done said that they would begin to do so. All of the officials were asked to begin to collect, document, and pass on to a centralized online reporting form the information.

Landowner and specific location information will not be passed on in the form; each county will compile all the burn information for a month into a single, countywide report for each month.

The counties that were selected for the pilot project are Butler, Chase, Coffey, Geary, Greenwood, Morris, Pottawatomie, Riley and Wabaunsee.

This form will be automatically emailed to a Kansas Forest Service Fire Staff member once per month, who will pass on the information to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.